Daniel Benayun
SOLD OUT Snoopy and Delilah

SOLD OUT Snoopy and Delilah

80 USD
Snoopy and Delilah

Materials; Gouache, Acrylic, india ink and Japanese brush, on handmade paper from the artist.
Dimensions: Approximately 11x14 inches
Date Created;  2018

This painting features a short sory written by Benayun. The text on the painting reads: “ As Snoopy and I make our afternoon rounds, we pass a hole in the ground. Snoopy stands at attention and is gone the next moment. Pursuing whatever hapless varmint was unfortunate enough to cross her path today. I get to thinking; the wind and waves made our biggest caves. Caves that took a million years to form. Crash after crash, with a roar far louder than all the lions at Barnum and Baileys circus side show. I think about the precambrian explosion. Ants that we 30 feet tall. Beasts of the deep. Creatures that worlds away different from all those living today.  They inhabited far different caves than the ones we have today. All of these thoughts remind me of dream to be a palaeontologist. A paleontologist, the earths custodian the earths historian. Yes-siree that would make me a true pioneer, a gal of the modern age. Snoopy and me excavating the plains of Africa. One fossil at a time. The gardener of dirt, the gatekeeper of historys past."

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